Secure Cloud Backup

Serious Data Protection. Always Ready Recovery.
Whether your data is stored in an office, data center, cloud, laptop, or anywhere else, protect your business with automatic backup and rapid recovery. With powerful options, flexible retention policies, and simple pricing, data protection has never been easier.
Secure Backup. Rapid Recovery.
Military-grade encryption protects your data and ensures only you have access to your information. All backups are replicated to two locations automatically, preventing data loss and ensuring rapid recovery is only a click away.
HIPAA, FINRA, & PCI Compliance
Powerful security is built-in to eSkyCity Secure Cloud Backup. Predefined policies make compliance standards simple for health care and finance, while providing your business full control over the access to your data and retention of your backups.
Affordable Pricing Plans
Enjoy simple monthly pricing plans with no hardware to buy. Software licenses are free, so you pay only for secure cloud backup storage. Backup plans are updated automatically to reflect usage, ensuring you never pay for more than you need.
Flexible Backup Options
Backup everything automatically, including servers, PCs, files, network shares, VMWare, Hyper-V, Exchange, SQL Server, and more. All data is backed up securely to the cloud, with the option to store encrypted backups locally at no additional cost.
Powerful Backup Policies
Control how long your data is kept for each backup with pre-built retention templates and the ability to create powerful policies to meet any requirements. Easily define the minimum number of file revisions, backups, amount of time, and more. All with the ability to include or exclude specific files or folders for each policy.
Secure Your Business. Protect Your Data.
Need Help with a Migration or Project?
Get Started with a free migration or consultation for your project.

Need Help with a Migration or Project?

Get Started with a free migration or consultation for your project.
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