Email Encryption

Securely Send any Email or File with Ease
Make email communication secure, prevent data leaks, and reach compliance standards by empowering users to send sensitive information worry-free. Encrypt messages with one click, securely share large files, send eSign agreements, create secure web forms, and more.
Secure Email with One Click
With a single click from Outlook, a secure web portal, or your mobile device, securely send encrypted messages, files, and eSign agreements to any email address. Once sent, messages can be tracked in real time, and even recalled if needed.
Send Unlimited Large Files Securely
Securely send attachments up to 100 GB per email to anyone, even if the recipient has limitations within their email system. With unlimited storage and message retention, files can remain available as long as you need, or removed anytime.
Securely Send eSign Agreements
Send, receive, and electronically sign legally-binding agreements securely. With no limits on file storage or documents sent, and support for large files, eSkyCity Email Encryption makes it easy to replace paper documents with eSign agreements.
Prevent Leaks of Sensitive Information
Take email encryption further with the option to enforce security rules that help prevent sensitive information from being sent through standard, insecure email. Custom patterns and keywords keep data safe and help reach compliance standards.
Create Secure, Compliant Web Forms
Take advantage of the powerful eSkyCity Email Encryption API to create secure web forms. Ensure customer or patient data is safe, while reaching compliance standards like PCI and HIPAA, all with seamless integration for virtually any website.
Start Sending Secure Email and Files
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Need Help with a Migration or Project?

Get Started with a free migration or consultation for your project.
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