Secure Cloud Servers Features

Can Your Cloud Host Do This?
eSkyCity is fanatical about providing an easy hosting experience to businesses of all sizes. We take the worry out of the cloud, so you can focus on your business.
Expert Cloud Management
Expert Support
Fast and friendly support is included. You'll always have access to the expertise you deserve.
30 Second Metric Monitoring
Resources are monitored continuously to guarantee predictable performance, and resolve most issues in minutes.
60 Second Public Monitoring
Public checks are included for each Cloud Server to continuously monitor website and service performance.
Managed Backup
Snapshots of every Cloud Server are created nightly, stored separately, and ready for recovery in minutes.
Control Panel Options
Access Cloud Servers securely through private connectivity with a choice of cPanel, Plesk, SSH, RDP, and more.
Free Migration Assistance
Whether moving servers, websites, apps, or databases, we're here to help ensure the transition is effortless.
OS Options
Choose from fully supported operating systems, including CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows Server, and more.
Software Support
Included support for Apache, Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, IIS, SQL Server, Active Directory, and much more.
VPN Support
Full support for client and site to site VPN to enable easy, private, and secure cloud connectivity.
Bulletproof Cloud Security
Cloud Firewall
A powerful cloud firewall is included for each cloud server, enabling custom rules for more secure connectivity.
Web Application Security
Affordable options for advanced Web Application Firewalls are available to further enhance website security.
Proactive Defense
Network traffic and behavior are continuously analyzed to stop threats against your servers automatically.
Managed Updates
Fully managed updates for Linux and Windows operating systems and applications is included.
Intrusion Detection
eSkyCity detects security breaches 200x faster than the industry average, ensuring rapid risk mitigation.
Vulnerability & Malware Detection
Servers are monitored continuously for malware and vulnerabilities, while preventing ransomware and theft.
Compliance Options
Cloud Servers include industry standards for high security, and options for PCI, HIPAA, and more.
Complete Isolation
Every customer is isolated in a Virtual Private Cloud with control over connectivity within their cloud.
Continuous Security Updates
Evolving and advanced security risks are mitigated by continuously updated global threat intelligence data.
Bot Protection
Automated attacks are prevented with the accurate detection and blocking of malicious bot traffic.
Managed SSL Certificates
Premium SSL Certificate options  include a warranty, compatibility guarantee, and free installation.
Audit Logging
Detailed logs are maintained for each server, with advanced application and network logging options available.
High Performance Cloud Hosting
High Performance
Cloud Servers are tuned to achieve the highest compute and Disk I/O performance at the lowest cost.
Superior Reliability
Each Cloud Server is fully managed and monitored closely, enabling 99.999% uptime on average.
Global CDN and DNS
Further accelerate server and website performance with our global Content Delivery Network and DNS.
DDoS Protection
Network DDoS protection is included for every Cloud Server, with options for more advanced protection.
Global Hosting Options
eSkyCity Secure Cloud Servers are available globally. Deploy your servers closest to your audience.
High Availability Options
For guaranteed uptime and auto-scaling, load balancers and advanced high availability options are available.
Rapid Scaling
Cloud Servers can scale rapidly to handle sudden traffic spikes, then back down as needed.
Automatic Self-Healing
Hardware failures happen. With eSkyCity, failed servers are replaced automatically in minutes.
Built-In Disaster Recovery
Every Cloud Server is automatically replicated to a geographically diverse data center, ready for rapid recovery.
Expert Cloud Server Migrations are Always Free
Need Help with a Migration or Project?
Get Started with a free migration or consultation for your project.

Need Help with a Migration or Project?

Get Started with a free migration or consultation for your project.
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