Managed WordPress Features

Why Managed WordPress?
eSkyCity is fanatical about providing a superior WordPress experience to businesses of all sizes, with proactive management, advanced security, industry-leading performance, and expert support. We take the work out of WordPress, so you can focus on your business.
Expert WordPress Management
Expert WordPress Support
Fast and friendly WordPress support. Ask us anything! We're here to help, so you can get back to business.
Monitored Every 60 Seconds
We monitor performance and uptime of each site continuously, enabling us to resolve most issues in minutes.
Free Migrations
Expert migrations are free for every site. No complex instructions and nothing for you to do.
Managed Backup
Break something? We've got your back(up). Restore anything from a single file to an entire site with ease.
Optimization & Maintenance
Each WordPress site is continuously optimized for performance to ensure it remains as fast as possible.
WooCommerce Support
We make ecommerce easy. Your shop is always in good hands with expert WooCommerce support.
Development & Staging
Development for new sites or changes in a separate environment has never been easier with managed dev sites.
Scheduled Deployments
Ready to go live with changes or a new site? We handle even the most complex deployments for you.
Professional Services
Need help with website updates or development? Professional Services is available for projects of any size.
Bulletproof WordPress Security
WordPress Firewall
Our sophisticated WordPress firewall accurately filters traffic to mitigate risk and prevent malicious activity.
Login Protection
WordPress access is monitored closely, enabling us to stop suspicious logins and detect stolen passwords.
Proactive Defense
Advanced traffic, IP reputation, and behavioral analysis stops attacks against your site before they start.
WordPress Updates
Managed WordPress core updates ensure you're always on the latest, most secure version.
Plugin Updates
We actively test each plugin update to ensure it won't break your site, while deploying security updates rapidly.
Theme Updates
Theme updates are tested thoroughly, then deployed for you worry-free. Opt in or out of theme updates.
Vulnerability & Malware Detection
Continuous monitoring and scanning prevents malware, unauthorized access, and detects vulnerabilities.
PCI and HIPAA Compliance
From PCI for online shops to HIPAA for healthcare, eSkyCity is the security-first company to trust with your data.
Free SSL Certificates
Every WordPress site on our platform receives a free SSL certificate, fully managed by eSkyCity.
Every Plan Isolated
Every plan includes complete isolation. A security or performance issue with one site won't impact another.
Continuous Security Updates
As security threats evolve, we continuously aggregate global security intelligence to protect your business.
Virtual Patching
When a vulnerability is found, a virtual patch can be deployed to keep you safe, without breaking your site.
Hardened PHP
85% of PHP sites depend on an unsupported version. Securely run WordPress on PHP 5.6 and up.
Reputation Monitoring
Hacked sites can be blacklisted by Google. We keep your site secure and actively monitor domain reputation.
Intrusion Detection
No security measure is 100%. eSkyCity detects security breaches 200x faster than the industry average.
Multi-User Access
Keep control of your eSkyCity account by allowing team members only the access to exactly what they need.
Bot Protection
We prevent automated attacks by stopping bots, while ensuring visitors always have access to your site.
Free Website Repair
If your site is ever hacked, or even damaged by accident in any way, eSkyCity will fix it for free.
Audit Logging
Detailed logs are maintained for each site, allowing us to identify actions and changes by user and IP address.
Suspicious traffic is challenged with CAPTCHA, preventing dangerous bots, while allowing visitors to continue.
Secure Infrastructure
The infrastructure behind our platform was designed to meet the highest possible security standards.
High Performance WordPress
High Performance
The eSkyCity platform is tuned specifically to get the highest WordPress performance possible.
Superior Reliability
Because we closely monitor each site, our customers enjoy more than 99.999% uptime on average.
Global CDN and DNS
Our global Content Delivery Network and DNS help accelerate your site and include a 100% uptime guarantee.
DDoS Protection
DDoS protection is included in every plan, with more advanced options available for specific needs.
Global WordPress Options
eSkyCity's WordPress platform is available globally, ensuring your site is hosted closest to your audience.
Performance Optimized
PHP 8.1, MariaDB, Nginx, Apache, and LiteSpeed. Optimized specifically for High Performance WordPress.
Intelligent Caching
All plans include caching to enhance  performance, while automatically updating when changes are made.
Image Optimization
Lossless image optimization increases performance without compromising the original image quality.
Fast Video Streaming
Stream video directly from WordPress, or even faster through our Global Content Delivery Network.
GZIP compression increases performance by transparently reducing the size of your site.
High Availability Options
For guaranteed uptime, high availability options are available in all Dedicated and Enterprise plans.
Disaster Recovery
Every site on our platform is backed up to a separate, geographically diverse location, ready for recovery.
Advanced Features
Built-In Analytics
Website Analytics provide automatic logging and reporting of visitors and traffic patterns for every site.
Resource Stats
Real-time and historical resource reports are available to review CPU, memory, disk usage, I/O, and more.
Request Logging
Each request, error, and warning for your site is logged in real time, providing valuable traffic insights.
File Manager
The File Manager allows secure access to files, with a built-in editor, upload, download, file permissions, and more.
Database Manager
For advanced needs, direct access to databases is provided through the phpMyAdmin database manager.
Storage Analyzer
Analyze disk space, easily find the largest files and folders, and ensure you don't upgrade unnecessarily.
Cron Manager
An easy-to-use interface for cron jobs allows for secure management of custom automated tasks.
FTPS Access
FTPS access is available to securely transmit files to and from your sites, with support for popular FTP tools.
Edit PHP Settings
PHP settings are fully managed. Advanced users can edit their own settings to meet specific requirements.
Expert WordPress Migrations are Always Free
Need Help with a Migration or Project?
Get Started with a free migration or consultation for your project.

Need Help with a Migration or Project?

Get Started with a free migration or consultation for your project.
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