Email Threat Protection Features

Protecting Your Business Email Has Never Been Easier
Email Threat Protection provides automatic, transparent, and highly accurate protection against spam, malware, and advanced email threats with affordable plans. All powered by industry-leading email security technology, with advanced options for compliance.
Email Threat Protection Features
Spam & Malware Protection
Protect any email system from spam, malware, phishing, and advanced threats before they reach your inbox.
URL Defense
Links in email messages are scanned in real-time to protect unsuspecting users from malicious websites.
Attachment Defense
Attachments are analyzed for threats with advanced scanning technology to prevent malware threats.
Content Filtering
Email is intelligently analyzed to block the transmission of confidential, malicious, or fraudulent messages.
Compliance Options
Reach corporate and industry compliance standards, like HIPAA, with ready-made email compliance policies.
Data Loss Prevention
Prevent sensitive information leaks with powerful rules to automatically encrypt or stop messages.
Automatic Encryption
Policy-based email encryption detects keywords and data patterns in email to automatically protect sensitive data.
Email Continuity
Get 100% email uptime, even if your email service goes down, with an always-available emergency inbox.
Email Archiving
Opt-in to maintain 10 years of unlimited messages in a secure, tamper-proof offsite archive.
Social Media Protection
Social media accounts can be monitored continuously for suspicious activity and unauthorized changes.
Detailed Reporting
Gain visibility into email threats, attachments, URLs, logs, and more through the cloud portal.
eSkyCity Support
Email Threat Protection includes expert configuration and ongoing support from eSkyCity.
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