Endpoint Protection Features

Worry-Free Protection for Every Device
Protect your employees and your business with advanced security, powered by industry leader, Trend Micro. All with complete support and management from eSkyCity.
Endpoint Protection Features
Malware Prevention
Powerful protection against security threats, including viruses, spyware, and new or unknown malware.
Ransomware Protection
Protect your business from theft and blackmail with automatic protection from malicious file encryption.
Software Firewall
Add an additional layer of security between computers and the Internet with a firewall that inspects all traffic.
Web Filtering
Automatically scan websites to protect from malicious content, with complete control over filtering rules.
Intrusion Prevention
Protection against targeted attacks and unauthorized access by blocking exploits and suspicious behavior.
Intrusion Detection
Analysis and immediate alerting of suspicious or unauthorized behavior within your network.
File Integrity Monitoring
Files and settings are monitored in real-time to provide alerts of unexpected changes.
Document Protection
Advanced protection of data by detecting unexpected changes and instantly creating backups.
USB Protection
Stop the spread of malware on your computer and network by instantly scanning all USB devices.
Go far beyond traditional malware definitions by detecting and blocking suspicious software behavior.
Logs and Events
Logs of changes and security-related events are continuously captured and analyzed to enhance security.
Broad Device Support
Install endpoint protection easily on Windows PC, Windows Server, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.
Centralized Control
View and control all devices using Endpoint Protection in real-time from a powerful web portal.
Compliance Standards
Endpoint Protection is fundamental to reaching security and compliance standards for all businesses.
eSkyCity Support
From the initial setup, to help mitigating risk, and ongoing support, eSkyCity is here to help!
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Need Help with a Migration or Project?

Get Started with a free migration or consultation for your project.
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