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Choose Premium SSL Certificates from market leaders DigiCert (formerly Symantec), GeoTrust, and Sectigo (formerly Comodo). Find the perfect fit for your site with options for Extended Validation, Wildcard Certificates, SGC support, and more. All with support from eSkyCity.
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CertificateValidationDomain Validation - Validates that the domain is registered, and requires approval from someone with domain administrative rights.

Organization Validation - Validates domain ownership, and the organization's physical address.

Extended Validation - Validates domain ownership, organization information, the legal existence of the organization, and that the organization is aware of and approves the request.
SubdomainsSingle Subdomain - Covers a single subdomain ( and

Multiple Subdomains - Covers more than one subdomain with a single certificate (,,,, etc).
WarrantyProtects the end users (website visitors) against financial loss incurred due to the certificate being issued to a fraudulent website.IssuanceValidityV/AVulnerability Assessment - Helps to quickly identify and take action against many website vulnerabilities.SGCServer Gated Cryptography - Enables modern encryption (128 bit - 156 bit) on older browsers.Price
Secure SiteOrganizationSingle$1.00M1-2 Days1 Year$399
Secure Site ProOrganizationSingle$1.25M1-2 Days1 Year$895
Secure Site EVExtendedSingle$1.50M5-7 Days1 Year$995
Secure Site Pro EVExtendedSingle$1.50M5-7 Days1 Year$1499
QuickSSL PremiumDomainSingle$100KSame Day1 Year$149
BusinessIDOrganizationSingle$250K1-2 Days1 Year$199
BusinessID EVExtendedSingle$500K1-10 Days1 Year$299
BusinessID WildcardOrganizationMultiple$125K1-2 Days1 Year$549
Essential WildcardDomainMultiple$10K1-2 Days1 Year$149
EVExtendedSingle$250K1-2 Days1 Year$199
EV SGCExtendedSingle$250K1-2 Days1 Year$199
Premium WildcardOrganizationMultiple$250K1-2 Days1 Year$249
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Need Help with a Migration or Project?

Get Started with a free migration or consultation for your project.
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