Secure Microsoft 365 Add-Ons

Advanced Security for Microsoft 365
Keep your business safe with the most comprehensive solutions for Microsoft 365. eSkyCity pairs 365 with powerful protection against email threats, with options for advanced email encryption, automatic email backup, and security for endpoints.
Email Threat Protection
ETP protects your business and employees from spam and email threats like malware, viruses, and phishing, with advanced options for email encryption, archiving, compliance, and more. All while ensuring your email service is always available, even if Microsoft has an outage.
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Email Encryption
eSkyCity Email Encryption adds advanced email privacy and compliance to Microsoft 365. Send encrypted messages with one click, secure attachments up to 5 GB, eSign legally-binding agreements, and more. All while preventing sensitive information leaks and gaining access to a powerful API to create secure apps or web forms.
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Secure Microsoft 365 Backup
Protect your business from losing email messages and data with automatic, secure, and tamper-proof backup of Microsoft 365 mailboxes. Enjoy data protection with unlimited backup storage, powerful search and restore functionality, and control over which mailboxes are backed up to ensure you only pay for what you need.
Endpoint Protection
Protect Windows PCs, Windows Servers, and macOS from malware, ransomware, unauthorized access, and malicious websites with industry-leading endpoint protection. Flexible security policies and a powerful centralized web portal enable businesses to take control over their security by protecting employees and data.
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Expert Zero-Downtime Email Migrations
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Need Help with a Migration or Project?

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